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Foreign exchange, the world’s biggest market, is shrinking

By The Trader | 12 February 2016

 LONDON The foreign exchange market’s status as the world’s largest, built up over decades of rampant globalization, deregulation and growth in financial services, is unlikely to be relinquished any time soon. But the glory days are over. Overall market volume and employment levels at the biggest banks trading currencies are shrinking, as tighter bank regulation, […]

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Iran Says No Thanks To Dollars; Demands Euro Payment For Oil Sales

By The Trader | 08 February 2016

Iran enjoys trolling the United States. In fact, it’s something of hobby for the Ayatollah, who has maintained the country’s semi-official “death to America” slogan even as President Rouhani plays good cop with Obama and Kerry. The ink was barely dry on the nuclear accord when Tehran test-fired a next-gen surface-to-surface ballistic missile with the […]

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Emerging Currencies Rally as Dollar Selloff Buoys Risk Appetite

By The Trader | 05 February 2016

Emerging-market currencies rose to the strongest level against the dollar in a month as a slowdown in U.S. services expansion spurred speculation that the Federal Reserve will delay raising interest rates. Malaysia’s ringgit and South Korea’s won strengthened at least 1.4 percent against the dollar. Turkey’s lira erased this year’s losses. Brazil’s real gained for […]

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The Incredibly Simple Reason to Bail on the Canadian Dollar

By The Trader | 01 February 2016

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : January 31, 2016 A Little Hope for the CAD to USD? Is there any hope for a recovery in the Canadian dollar? Well, as unsatisfying as it seems, the fate of the CAD to USD has been tied to several other questions. Only by answering all of them […]

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Insiders Issue Dramatic Warning For Canadian Dollar

By The Trader | 26 January 2016

By Robert Baillieul, B.Comm. Published : January 25, 2016 Could the Canadian Dollar Hit $0.60? If you own Canadian dollars, picture this… You stop in the grocery store after work. CA$7.99 for a carton of milk? CA$9.95 for a small box of cereal? CA$21.00 for two pounds of grapes? Your small bag of groceries rings […]

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Oil Bottoms, Currencies Reverse Course

By The Trader | 25 January 2016

EUR/USD Current Price: 1.0796 View Live Chart for the EUR/USD Market’s reversed course on Friday, as crude oil prices recovered sharply from sub $30.00 a barrel, the lowest in 12 years, to close the week above $32.00 after flirting with $26.00 a barrel  earlier in the week. The movement came one day after the ECB’s […]

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China Woes Continue Into The Year Of The Monkey

By The Trader | 07 January 2016

China burned through $108 billion in December China burned through $108 billion in December, according to China’s central bank, as the country tried to stabilize the yuan as it depreciated against the dollar. That works out at to about $3.5 billion per day. That effort didn’t stop the yuan from ending the year down 4.5% against […]

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Asian Markets Reeling On First Trading Day Of 2016

By The Trader | 04 January 2016

So a very Happy New Year to all and let’s hope 2016 shines a little bit brighter than 2015. Well, that’s the theory at least. In reality it looks like a rather gloomy start to the year with markets in China and Japan in free-fall and tensions rising in the Middle East after the Saudi […]

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Japanese Yen Looks For Gains On Investor Swing

By The Trader | 28 December 2015

With the holiday season done for another 12 months (apart from Eastern Europe of course) markets and currencies get back to the daily business of ups and downs. Some currencies will be winners and some will be losers but one thing’s for sure. Whichever way a currency is heading – we can trade it the […]

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2015 Winds Down With A Bang

By The Trader | 27 December 2015

Christmas came and went and some of the markets that never sleep, well, let’s just say they dozed for a couple of days and leave it at that. End of year results coming in and it looks like a being a tight end to 2015. Not long to go now and we kiss goodbye to […]

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