Binary Options Signals – Do They Really Work?

If you’ve been into binary options trading for any length of time you may have heard of binary options signals. There are many signal services out there and they all have various levels of success. While you may be able to find some free signals, most signal services cost between $100 and $300 per month so it can be a sizable investment especially if you’re new to trading and have a limited budget. So before you go and pluck down your hard-earned cash on a trading signal service let’s take a look at whether or not they really work.

Signals Can Be Great for New and Inexperienced Traders

With binary options signals someone else is telling you what trades to make and when to make them. You don’t have to sit and spend hours and hours watching the markets and completely absorb yourself in the news media in order to be successful with signals. Instead you simply wait on your alert to come via text or email, quietly make a trade, and hopefully profit. This sounds like a true dream, but unfortunately is not that simple. There are many different signal services to choose from and there really isn’t any way to tell if they are good or not at first glance. In order to get a better idea of what type of signal would be best for you let’s take a closer look at the different types of signals…

The Different Types of Binary Options Signals

There are two types of signals that you’ll find when it comes to trading binary options. The first type of signal is generated by software that uses mathematical algorithms to predict whether a specific trade is going to be profitable or not. The second type of signal is generated by an actual trader who uses their personal experience, knowledge, and foresight to send out trade predictions. Neither one of these methods is better or more accurate than the other. Some people prefer to trust the computer, while others prefer to rely on the experience of a veteran trader.

Signal Scams To Watch Out For

Not all signal services are created equal and there are some services that are ran by unscrupulous individuals that are out to get your money. These signal services employ various tactics to seem legit and professional while underneath they are rotten to the core. That’s why it’s important that you read customer reviews about the signal services before you invest your money into them. Also check sites like and to see if they have any complaints filed there. If you can’t find any negative reviews or complaints about the signal service you can feel more comfortable investing your money.

Choose a Binary Options Only Signal Provider

There are many signal providers available but not all of them specialize in only binary options. Many of them provide signals for Forex, stocks, and other types of trading. You should choose a signal provider that specializes in binary options only to get better results. These types of signal providers understand the unique aspects that go into binary options trading and they provide a better quality of signal versus someone who is providing multiple types of signals.

So we come back full circle to the question I started this whole discussion, “do binary options signals work?” The answer is yes they can work as long as you choose the right signal provider. You can choose the right provider by making sure you pick out an automated or trader generated signal source, avoiding scams, and working with the signal provider only for binary options. Do these things and you can make some good money with binary options signals.

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